docker 部署 puppeteer 官方提供的Dockerfile1️⃣ FROM node:12-slim # Install latest chrome dev package and fonts to support major charsets (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and a few others) # Note: this installs the necessary libs to make the bundled version of Chromium that Puppeteer # installs, wo...


安装(非官方) npm install weixin-js-sdk --save 使用 import wx from 'weixin-js-sdk'; mounted(){ //jsconfig this.jsConfig(); }, methods: { jsConfig: async function() { let field = await jsSDK();//网络请求 wx.config(field); }, }

基于vue的markdown编辑器 - mavonEditor的使用

安装 npm install mavon-editor --save 基本使用 全局注册(main.js import mavonEditor from 'mavon-editor' import 'mavon-editor/dist/css/index.css' Vue.use(mavonEditor) 局部注册 import { mavonEditor } from "mavon-editor"; import "mavon-editor/dist/css/index.css"; export default { data: function() { return { ...